Thursday, May 15, 2008

Cold, Wet and Buggy

Ok, so the cold part is a blatant lie, or at least it's a relative term.

The rainy season is officially upon Chiang Mai. Well, I guess I don't actually know what "officially" constitutes the rainy season, so that could easily be a lie as well, or at least incorrect. Suffice it to say that it has started raining with some regularity. And when it rains, it pours, if you'll pardon the triteness. Of if you wont. That's fine too.

An interesting side effect of the rain is that most nights it's accompanied by wicked hatches of bugs, of many varieties, but mostly these little termitey things.
Yes, that's a word. They fly all around anything that puts out light, they're pretty annoying, and sometime in the night, they all fall to the ground and lose their wings, or perhaps lose their wings and then fall to the ground. Whatever the case, in the morning there are millions of termite wings all over the place. Good times!

(is it just me, or is there a gecko in here?)

a small repentance

So I've been avoiding blogging for quite a while now.

Ok, avoiding is a bit stronger word than I intend. More like procrastinating, putting off, or some such related concept.

Allow me to elaborate:

Somewhere down the line, I got it into my head that the things I post on my blog had to be deep, thoughtful, intelligent, articulate, and incredibly meaningful. Those are great and all that, but I've realized, or rather, slowly come to the realization, as I frequently and regularly berate myself for not blogging, that the need to only post things of a certain, shall we say, caliber, is really just my own vanity and pride speaking.

Not that it's bad to communicate deep things, or to communicate things in an articulate manner, but I've decided that if I only allow my colleagues and friends to share in my thoughts when I think those thoughts are worthy of sharing, I'm really painting a picture of myself that isn't true. While those things may or may not be a part of who I am, the desire to have only those things displayed on my blog is a thinly veiled attempt by my ego to make myself look good.

So having said all that, with far more words than is necessary, I'll say this:

from this point forward, my blog will contain frivolity, random silliness, and some general level of lightheartedness, in addition to any other serious and deepish things that may come up from time to time.

I'm not writing some epic piece of literature here (I have some friends capable of this, but I'm not), I'm sharing my life, and that includes things like my odd fascination with bugs (coming soon). Now that doesn't necessarily mean I'll be flooding the so-called blogosphere with masses of posts all the time, but I wont be holding back on fun little tidbits because I don't think they're cool enough.

So, if you don't want to read my verbose meandering thoughts above, here's the summary: Tony's blog is now Tony: uncensored and unedited. ish.


P.S. Yes Leah, the posting of this article was directly prompted by your little gibe, but in my defense, I actually wrote this post over two weeks ago. I've just been putting off posting it. How's that for irony?