Friday, January 18, 2008

Where I live

So having moved across the globe, my surroundings have changed a bit. Quite a bit. So here's a few frames of my new place.

So here's my building. It's called the Paradornparp International House. It's big.

(Click on it and it will get bigger. Same goes for the rest of these.)

When I walk in the door of my room, this is what I see.

My fun, unkempt blue bed

The workspace. Desks and shelves abound on this wall.

And the obligatory shots of the sun rising over the Wat (temple) that I can see from my window.
They've got nothing on the sunset over Doi Suthep (a mountain to the west).

So there's a snapshot, if you will, of where I live!

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Graduate school felt like kindergarten today...

First day of class today.

The only class I have right now is my Thai class. It's divided into two sections: reading and writing, and then speaking and listening.
There are five of us in the class, from all over the world. There's a Brazilian who grew up in Spain, France and Germany, a German, a Korean, a Scottish photojournalist who lives in Brighton, England, and then me. Quite a bunch.

Today in reading and writing, we went back to kindergarten.

It was fun, but I apparently don't use my hand writing skills enough, as by the end of the class, my right hand was a bit sore.