Friday, January 18, 2008

Where I live

So having moved across the globe, my surroundings have changed a bit. Quite a bit. So here's a few frames of my new place.

So here's my building. It's called the Paradornparp International House. It's big.

(Click on it and it will get bigger. Same goes for the rest of these.)

When I walk in the door of my room, this is what I see.

My fun, unkempt blue bed

The workspace. Desks and shelves abound on this wall.

And the obligatory shots of the sun rising over the Wat (temple) that I can see from my window.
They've got nothing on the sunset over Doi Suthep (a mountain to the west).

So there's a snapshot, if you will, of where I live!


Leah said...

wow, beautiful sunrise/set pictures. its so good to see a piece of your life. we're all so proud of you for being there.

Hannah Jo said...

lovely pictures! so nice to picture your space and life a little more. thanks for those.

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