Wednesday, February 6, 2008

International Randomness

Ok, so living overseas sorta breeds encounters with random randomness, but I was hit with a moment of sheer randomness of near-ridiculous magnitude this evening.
So I'm sitting in a pretty nice restaurant in Chiang Mai, Thailand, with 4 Americans who I barely know, but am really excited to see. They were my first official visitors, and it was a great time. As if it wasn't random enough, I had just come from a Chinese New Year party hosted by the plethora of Chinese students at Payap, and to celebrate Chinese New Year, they made chicken dumplings and set off loud firecrackers. So then I'm at this restaurant, on Chinese New Year, with some Americans I don't know that well, and what should happen? Suddenly I hear a familiar guitar riff strike up behind me, from a stage I hadn't noticed in the restaurant. A breeze of relaxed music, which proceeded to become a full fledged Beatles cover concert by a bald Thai man and an acoustic guitar. And he was good. I couldn't help but smile, as I thought, "just another day in Chiang Mai."


Hannah Jo said...

That is HILARIOUS. Oh man. So classic Asia.

Karis said...

In your first entry you said you didn't know if you could write/express yourself very well, but I think you've put things quite nicely so far!

Unknown said...

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